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Arlington industries Group is a UK headquartered company that integrates supply chains across aerospace and automotive markets to deliver greater efficiency to global original equipment manufacturers. We do this by acquiring various businesses across the aerospace and automotive industries to enhance our supply chain offer and bring diverse talents together. We provide a vast range of products and services across the markets, such as design, manufacture, design & manufacture, welding, pressings, coatings, assembly, metrology, PPM (planned preventative maintenance), service and maintenance, logistics and many more. With 9 sites in the UK, 1 in France and operations in Germany, Turkey, India and China together with a diverse workforce of over 1,000 employees, we continuously improve our offer to shape the future of mobility.



At Arlington Industries Group we’re proud of our achievements in the aerospace and automotive sectors. We are well invested and continually growing revenues.

  • December 2013 – formation of Arlington Industries Group through acquisitions of Remploy Limited (automotive) & AIM Engineering Limited (aerospace)
  • December 2013 – Remploy Limited – rebranded to Rempower Ltd
  • November 2014 – acquisition of Aerotech Design Consultants Limited (rebranded to AIM Design Co Limited)
  • September 2015 – acquisition of DPE Automotive Ltd (rebranded to Arlington Automotive Ltd)
  • April 2016 – Rempower Ltd – rebranded to Arlington Automotive Ltd
  • June 2016 – acquisition of North West Precision Limited (NWP) – more here
  • July 2016 – acquisition of EDV UK Ltd – more here
  • Number of Employees: 650+
  • Number of sites: 10 (9 UK, 1 FR).



To be recognised as the pioneer of supply chain integration.


Through world-class products and services, and a focus on providing greater efficiency, Arlington delivers
value and innovation to stakeholders and customers.

With an inclusive approach to equal opportunities, we fully empower our employees by embracing diversity and flexibility in the workplace.


Trust and Respect

Confidence in our ability to work and deliver as a team within a stakeholder environment.


Positively uphold the core values of the business and embrace our vision and mission.


Appreciate and encourage diversity within our business and the community in which we serve.


Always adhering to moral and ethical principles.


Our drive to succeed remains constant.

Arlington Industries Group is proud to support industry recognised associations, societies and partnering organisations

Arlington Industries Group is fully certified and committed to delivering excellence. Please visit the following to view our accreditations:



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