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Growth by acquisition

Friday, October 7th, 2016 Announcement

Arlington Automotive NE, based in Newton Aycliffe, is celebrating its first year since DPE Automotive was acquired by Arlington Industries Group last September.  One year on and DPE has been successfully rebranded to Arlington Automotive NE. In that time, the business has gone from strength to strength successfully integrating skillsets, solutions, and services for the benefit of the automotive market.

We are delighted to be celebrating this special occasion, embracing our new team in the North East along with our established team in the Midlands to provide an ever expanding business portfolio and creating a diverse workforce capable of competing in the world-wide automotive market.

The man behind the automotive arm of Arlington, Peter Coates (previously co-owner of DPE business) has been appointed Managing Director for Automotive.  Mark Franckel, CEO of Arlington Industries Group is delighted to welcome Peter on board.  Peter ensures a smooth running of the full automotive division, managing a complete workforce of over 360 employees, four facilities, sales operations reaching over £90m and a vast portfolio of global clients.

Since the last year’s acquisition, we have managed to successfully replicate and finalise the rebranding project throughout our Midlands facilities (Birmingham, Coventry, Derby) resulting in the formation of one team under the name of Arlington Automotive. Our North East facility has been a valued member of the divisional portfolio of the Group, continuing to provide customers through a bespoke approach with affordable access to coatings, pressings, design, and manufacturing.

Working with major OEMs, including Aston Martin, Audi and Nissan, Arlington has capitalised on their years of experience in the automotive industry to help customers increase their efficiency by integrating client’s supply chain needs and offering the one-stop shop for all automotive requirements.

Peter Coates believes we are currently in the ideal place to strengthen our position through what he terms as a ‘cultural shift’ as consumers in the UK have marked an increasing trend towards local business support. He said:

“OEM’s views towards supply chain in the automotive industry in this country are starting to change. Although it isn’t on the scale of Europe, where the openness to having one supplier for all needs is much wider, we spotted a definitive gap in the market and wanted to provide a fantastic service based on fair and reasonable solutions to OEMs, through which our customers simplify their management over costs, quality and trust, whilst at the same time make significant savings!”

Peter added: “By the end of the financial year we will be exactly where we want to be, with a forecast to increase our sales by 50% year on year.”

This is also an excellent opportunity to reflect on our progress towards a simplified approach and provide high standard global supply chain integration in the automotive industry.  Twelve months on as ‘Arlington Automotive’ and we are proud to say that we have reached great new heights;

  1. It’s easier to do business with us (online inquiries, global supply chain base, mobile friendly website)
  2. We have undergone a strategic planning process to refine and clarify the company’s strategic direction and major goals.
  3. We have invested £250,000 in new welding technology.
  4. We have invested in new 3D printing technology to support our client’s efficiency.
  5. We have exhibited at several national events including ‘Automechanika’ (the largest event of this kind in Europe), NE Automotive Expo and Tees Valley Skill Event, together with a European Roadshow covering France, Belgium and Germany.
  6. We have set up new apprenticeship schemes to assist both local and international students and boost mutual skills exchange.
  7. We continue to integrate with local communities, ex-army personnel and charities, supporting ‘skills development’ events to excite new generations about science and engineering.
  8. We have launched our social media channels! You can now follow us on Twitter and Linkedin.

Further to our achievements in the last year we plan to add new business skillsets to our group through acquisitions across global locations and open up a new EU facility to offer direct support to automotive OEMs (on schedule for Autumn 2017).

New customers have appreciated Arlington’s exceptional design and engineering team, developing partnerships that take advantage of our custom design and supply chain management services.

We are thrilled and excited for the future as a group, with plans to expand our teams and give our customers the ultimate full engagement experience.